Competition Provisions

17 January 2024

I.General Provisions

I.1. The Zabolis Art Prize (the “Competition”) shall be organised to encourage the creativity of young artists, to motivate competitiveness, to develop the ability to interpret a theme artistically, to foster cooperation between different fields, and to introduce the works of the youngest generation of artists to the public;
I.2.  The Competition shall be organised and run by Zabolis Partners in cooperation with Vilnius Academy of Arts (VAA);
I.3. These   provisions   lay   down   the   terms   and   conditions   as   well   as   procedures   for   the   organisation   of   the Competition, the requirements for the selection and submission of works for the Competition, the judging criteria, the prizes to be awarded to the winning authors. the rules for personal data processing, and other terms and conditions as well as procedures for the organisation of the Competition.

II.Terms and Conditions and Organisation Procedure of the Competition

II.1. The Competition shall be open to young artists aged between 18 and 30 and either having arts education or in the process of learning;
II.2. Only one painting shall be submitted to the Competition;
II.3. The work submitted to the Competition must correspond to the theme of the Competition: “Everything is Changing?”;
II.4. The work submitted to the Competition may be created in a variety of painting media and in an unlimited format;
II.5. The work must have a presentable appearance and be suitable for physical display;
II.6. The work submitted to the Competition must have been created in 2023/2024;
II.7. Only one application per author;
II.8.  Participants shall apply only on the website of Zabolis Partners ( Applications   to   participate   in   the   Competition   may   be   submitted   only   in   the   manner   specified   in   these provisions of the Competition and only on the website of Zabolis Partners.
II.9. Before   submitting   the   application,   a   participant   shall   confirm   that   they   agree   with   the   provisions   of   the Competition   and   the   rules   for   personal   data   processing.   The   following   mandatory   information   shall   be provided in the application:

●Information about the participant:
(i) Name, surname, year of birth;
(ii) Address, telephone number, email;
(iii) A short presentation (free-form, up to 200 words: the participant’s studies, exhibitions, competitions, etc.);
(iv) A link to the participant’s portfolio, if any (by specifying a webpage address or by other means);

●Metrics of the work submitted to the Competition;
(i) Title of the work;
(ii) Format of the work;
(iii) Technique of the work;
(iv) Year of the work;(v) Price of the work;
(vi) Description of the work (up to 200 words);
(vii) High-quality photograph of the work.

II.10. Organisers of the Competition reserve the right not to accept an application that does not comply with these provisions of the Competition.
II.11. If the organisers of the Competition find cases of plagiarism, the application and/or the participant shall be removed from the Competition.
II.12. The deadline for applications shall be the 22nd of March.
II.13. The Competition shall be organised in stages:

1. Applications shall be evaluated and the decision to award the prizes shall be taken by a committee set up by joint   resolution.   The   committee   shall   consist   of   members   of   the   Zabolis   Partners   community,   VAA members   (Lecturer   V.   Opolskytė,   Lecturer   E.   Karpavičiūtė,   Professor   K.   Bogdanas),   Director   of   the Contour Art Gallery V. Mačianskaitė, Director of “Tumo galerija” M. Tinfavičius, Director of The Rooster Gallery J. Juospaitytė-Bitinienė; Director of the Titanikas Exhibition Halls V. Poškus, Expert Art Critic A. M. Grajauskaitė; ZABOLIS ART PRIZE’23 winner G. Pritkovaitė;
2. The committee shall select the best 20 works (by common agreement, the committee may choose more than 20 works) and, after the works have been posted online (on the 15th of April), the committee shall contact the finalists regarding the transportation of their works to the exhibition space at VAA. The works must be delivered by the19th of April;
3. The selected works shall be exhibited in the Titanikas Exhibition Halls. The selected works may also be posted to the website of Zabolis Partners and Vilnius Academy of Arts as well as in social networks;
4. On the 7th of May, the committee shall evaluate the works live, tally the votes and choose the best three works;
5. The three winners shall be announced at the opening of the exhibition on the 10th of May and cash prizes and diplomas shall be awarded to the authors of the works;
6. At the opening of the exhibition, more than three winners may receive awards according to specially created respective nominations, which (if any) will be announced at the opening of the exhibition;
7. The prizes shall be funded by Zabolis Partners;
8. The prizes: EUR 1,500 for the 1st place; EUR 1,200 for the 2nd place; EUR 1,000 for the 3rd place;
9. The prizes shall be paid by bank transfer (after contacting the authors personally) by the 17th of May.


III.1. The   following   criteria   shall   be   taken   into   account   in   the   selection   and evaluation   of   the   works   for   the Competition:
1. Visual expressiveness;
2. Creative response to the theme;
3. Technical and conceptual originality;
4. Mastery of the chosen media;
5. Ability to present the work and the idea in an articulate way.
III.2. The winners shall be announced and awarded prizes by the chairperson of the committee or their delegate;
III.3. Zabolis Partners and VAA shall be responsible for the implementation and organisation of the Competition.

IV.Final Provisions

IV.1.If necessary, the terms and conditions of the Competition may be amended. This shall be communicated by oneof the organisers. The possibility of amendments shall be decided in the presence of both organisers.