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Zabolis Partners is an investment management group specializing in real estate and private equity investments

OUR investments

This 55,000 m2 real estate complex is changing the course of one district in Vilnius. Based on 15-minute city principles, it is a sustainable, multifunctional development that offers quality services and attractive spaces for Vilnius’ citizens and offers sustainable office space to international and local companies alike.

Tamo Group is a leading K-12 learning services company in the Baltic region. The company offers printed and digital learning materials, as well as digital learning and teaching administration platforms for primary and secondary education. Since 2012, Tamo Group has been supporting teachers daily, enabling every individual to reach their potential through the power of education.

Brolis Sensor Technology creates unique spectroscopic sensors for systems requiring the highest level of miniaturization, accuracy and sensitivity. With over 40 patents granted or pending, its innovations are having a far reaching impact in diverse fields like dairy farm management, healthcare, industrial monitoring and sports.

This striking residential development is a dynamic space where the traditions of Vilnius Old Town meet the vibrant spirit of our 21st century city. Featuring contemporary architecture and built to the highest specifications using luxurious materials, it offers impressive indoor and outdoor spaces for residents and makes a valuable aesthetic contribution to our city.

Smart Brands Lab uses algorithm-driven market intelligence and advanced replicable workflows in branding, multichannel sales, sourcing, and digital marketing to rapidly scale a range of ecommerce brands. Working digitally native and on Amazon, it sets out an innovative end-to-end approach to e-commerce.

LVIVO 38 is a 115 meter multipurpose development that impacts both the entire city and the local community. As one of Vilnius’ tallest buildings, it is an iconic piece of architecture that redefines the city’s skyline. At ground level, its green public spaces, terraced gardens, playground and fitness area, bicycle storage, cafes, and restaurants make the 15-minute city a reality for locals

our social


The Zabolis Art Prize is an annual social initiative that was established in 2009. Its goal is to offer young artists a platform for showcasing their talent and expressing their unique perspectives on real social problems. It is an opportunity for them to perfect their skills, learn from each other, and make the public aware of their work. Finalists receive financial prizes to support their creative work, and an exhibition is put on showcasing their art.

Vilnius university
endowment fund

Zabolis Partners is proud to be a founding partner of the VU Endowment Fund. The fund was established in 2016, with returns from the fund used to support Lithuania’s national alma mater, which was founded in 1579, in various ways. These include ensuring financial stability, financing studies, and funding internships, scholarships and mobility grants.


Every year, we award scholarships to students at the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, a leading business school in the region.

our team

Our people mean everything – they are our company. Our growing community of talents is creating personal and collective success. Together, we are Zabolis Partners.

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