Established in 2014, Zabolis ir Partneriai Kapitalo valdymas excels in developing investment strategies focused on real estate and private equity. Our primary objective is to optimize investment portfolios in collaboration with retail and institutional investors. The company presently oversees a portfolio of collective investment undertakings, including four real estate funds (investment company) and one private equity fund (investment company). The value of assets under management for these collective investment undertakings is above EUR 300 million.

our funds
managed by  “Zabolis ir Partneriai kapitalo valdymas”

The management company does not guarantee the profitability of investments. The foundation documents of the investment company or fund presented to the investor must be carefully examined. Before making a decision to invest, investors must analyze and evaluate all investment risks, the presented investment strategy, and all applicable fees by themselves or with the help of appropriate advisors. All the information presented here cannot be understood as a recommendation, offer, or invitation to invest. The management company is not responsible for inaccuracies and changes in the information provided here, nor for any losses that may occur when investments are based on the information found here. To obtain more information about the investment compa nies and funds managed by the Management Company, please contact via telephone at +37052661266 or by email at


By investing in clean energy and low impact real estate projects, we are helping to build a cleaner future. We are also supporting social development with urban developments that are focused on enhancing the daily life of citizens and digitization tools that support the next generation of learners.

We invest in companies that follow governance best practice, and we offer each of our portfolio companies our dedicated support and expertise in establishing and enhancing their organizational structure if required.

When making investment decisions, we always aim to assess sustainability risks and associated value-creation opportunities.With regards to the activities of the investment companies we manage through our funds, we are not considering adverse impacts of investment decisions on their sustainability. According to SFDR classification, our managed investment companies are considered to be operating under Article 6. This implies that under regulation law their objectives are not considered to be sustainable investments as defined in the Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 November 2019, nor are they intended under those regulations to promote environmental or social characteristics or any combination thereof.

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