zabolis art prize

Art competition
„everything is changing?”



“All things change, nothing is extinguished.

There is nothing in the whole world which is permanent”, said the Roman poet Ovid. Various changes are an integral part of life because movement is a sign of life, so everything is in a state of emerging, changing, and disappearing. So, just as night changes into day or winter into spring, so we, too, are changed by internal or external conditions, and our environment is transformed. Intoday’s world, metamorphoses are very pronounced: information flows, digital technologies, economic value, social order, social relations, trends and values change instantaneously. Such changes are not always positive and in some cases they can lead to significant adaptation problems, crises and even recessions. Thus, new things in life are sometimes frightening and people prefer to stick to a steady rhythm and routine. So how do young painters see the changing world and the changes in life? This is what the organisers of the Zabolis Art Prize are asking by inviting young artists to submit their work on the theme “Everything is Changing?”.

Zabolis Art Prize“ – is a creative initiative that has been running since 2009.

It focuses on the work of young artists in various fields. The aim of the competition is to encourage young artists to show their creativity, to compete in a healthy way, to learnfrom one another, to interpret a theme artistically, and to make the public aware of the younger generation of artists and their work.

20 finalists

Exhibition of the 20 finalists’ works will take place at the Titanikas Exhibition Halls.

In addition, all selected works and their authors will receive prizes and will be posted on the websites of Zabolis Partners and Vilnius Academy of Arts, as well as on the Zabolis Art Prize Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Once the committee has selected the winners, the three best entries will be announced on the 3rd of May at the opening of the exhibition.

They will be awarded cash prizes of EUR 1,500 for first place, EUR 1,200 for second place, and EUR 1,000 for third place.


Our Art Prize platform offers young artists a unique opportunity to challenge themselves, hone their skills, and grow as creatives in a nurturing environment. Through their participation, these artists exchange ideas with like-minded individuals from various backgrounds. We hope to empower them to discover new perspectives, experiment, and elevate their craft to unprecedented heights.


Each year, we present a thought-provoking theme. This theme is designed to spark the artists’ imagination and challenge them to explore its depths. Some choose to amplify the theme in their work, others reduce it to its essence. Whatever their approach, we know from over a decade's experience that creativity flourishes when artists are confronted with intriguing concepts to work with.
The artists’ works are assessed by a committee based on their visual expressiveness, creative response to the theme, technical and conceptual originality, mastery of the chosen means of expression, and ability to present the work and the idea articulately.


Financial prizes are awarded to the three best paintings in the competition. The works of all 20 finalists are exhibited at the Vilnius Academy of Arts. Furthermore, the works of all winners and finalists, along with a bio about the artist, are featured on the Zabolis Partners and Vilnius Academy of Arts websites, as well as on the Zabolis Art Prize Facebook and Instagram accounts.


The Zabolis Art Prize contest takes place at the beginning of each year. If you are interested in taking part, follow us on social media and look out for updates and announcements about the prize and how to enter.